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Current Office News:

Existing clients can access their Patient Portal by clicking HERE.


FEES: Rates for services are $150/clinical hour.  Please read the new Patient Agreement on the Office Forms tab for details.


IMPORTANT INSURANCE INFORMATION:   Please be sure to check with your insurance company to see if initial

Authorizations are required.  If so, please obtain that Authorization number before beginning treatment.  Also, if you are

using Cigna EAP services, please tell Dr. Max this and give him your authorization number BEFORE beginning treatment.

There are totally different billing procedures for EAP cases.


Finally, please be sure to obtain the address for where MENTAL HEALTH CLAIMS should be sent.  This

is often a different address than where medical claims should be sent.  This will severely delay payment of

claims if the address is incorrect. 

WORKSHOPS: There are no workshops planned at this time



















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